Josh Bartlett | An open mind and a new journey

Josh Bartlett | An open mind and a new journey

Keeping an open mind has always been essential to me. It is an attitude towards life that also led me to each new opportunity.  

As the Managing Director of Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB) Melbourne, my core duties are simple:  creating more jobs and building a great team and fulfilling more dreams of home ownership for Australians.  

Before I became a mortgage broker, I worked in the fitness industry for eleven years. Being self-employed from the age of 20 and borrowing money to start a business was an education. It gave me my first lessons in responsibility, in business and more importantly in customer service and getting things right.  

Owning gyms was a customer-facing job that allowed me to meet and train people of all ages and backgrounds. Helping them achieve their goals was what drove me back then and it is what drives me today as a mortgage broker. 

Running a business was also a passion for me. I have always made goals for myself and enjoyed working through a process, or journey, to achieve them. Whether that be in business or in personal achievements like running a marathon.  

Building on a solid foundation of almost a decade in mortgage broking, the time has come to begin a new chapter as the Managing Director of Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB) Melbourne.  

I thought it was important to explain to my customers and business partners why I chose this path, or rather how I stumbled upon my next opportunity.  

MAB is headquartered in the UK, where it a multi-award-winning mortgage business and renowned for its innovation and customer service.  

In Australia, the MAB business is led by a great guy called Darren Cantor. It was only after meeting Darren and seeing his passion for helping businesses like mine become more efficient and better able to service more customers that I knew I had found what I was looking for. We talked for hours on the value of having a strategic partner who was invested in your business and we were both aligned with our vision for great referral partners that we could work with to grow the business. 

Everything I’ve ever done in business, either in fitness or in finance, has been for my customers. The decision to join MAB is no different. Over the coming months we will be looking to bring on more staff as we begin to scale the business with MAB’s support, leading technology systems and additional services that will compliment our businessThe opportunity to give jobs and build a bigger business that services more Australians was just too good to pass up.  

Keeping an open mind led me to Darren and the great team at MAB. My wife Kristy has also boarded the MAB train and together we are so excited about what the future holds, not just for our business but for jobs we will be able to create and the customers we’ll be able to help. 

I am forever grateful for everyone who has helped me on my journey to date. The next episode will be challenging and exciting, with plenty of goals to set and records to be broken.  

With enhanced processes and the support of an experienced growth partner like MAB, some strong referral partnerships that we have now created, we will be able to spend more time with each customer and continue delivering on our promises to review rates, stay connected, and ensure more Australians receive an unforgettable experience on their own journey towards home ownership.  

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