SMSF Specialisation

The Self Managed Super Fund investor’s guide to
creating wealth through property


Purchasing property through a Self managed Super Fund (SMSF) has increased in popularity over the past 15 years, and whilst it can be an excellent means of diversifying a superannuation portfolio, it requires the assistance of specialists to ensure such transactions are carried out within the confines of superannuation regulations.

If you are considering buying an investment property within your SMSF we highly recommend you download our SMSF Lending Playbook. 

We've packed it with game-changing insights and expert advice from seasoned professionals who have navigated the tricky waters of SMSF investing and lending. 


Did you know

  • The major banks exited the SMSF lending space in 2016 and do not lend to new SMSF borrowers.
  • Many SMSF Trustees are still paying a ‘loyalty tax’, with major bank interest rates well above those of specialist lenders
  • Just like standard home loan rates, SMSF loan interest rates also dropped considerably over the past 8 years
  • A 2% rate saving on a $500,000 SMSF loan results in $10,000 per annum more towards your retirement


What to look for in a SMSF lending specialist

When choosing a broker for your SMSF borrowing needs, we recommend the following attributes as a minimum -

  • A higher level of education -Minimum Diploma Finance & Mortgage Broking
  • 5 years + broking experience plus a strong finance/banking background
  • Accreditation with an extensive range of SMSF lenders
  • Demonstrable superannuation knowledge
  • A business at scale with full support team to deliver an outstanding client experience
  • Systemised processes to handle SMSF Loan administration and reviews


Specialist Lending Advice

When you buy a home or investment property outside your superannuation, there’s a good chance you’ll make a costly mistake if you don’t get help from a specialist finance broker.


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How Is SMSF Investment Different?

A lot of Australians buy investment properties outside their superannuation, so it’s only logical why you might be tempted to do the same thing through an SMSF. Is there much of a difference?

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How Much Can You Borrow?

If you’re wondering how much you can borrow through your SMSF – the short answer, given different regulatory requirements, is than if you were buying a property outside your superannuation.


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