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Practical tips for saving a mortgage deposit

If you're looking to boost your home loan deposit, there are various methods you can put to use to maximise your savings. We've put together our top tips below to help you get mortgage ready.
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What are non-genuine savings?

The term ‘non-genuine savings’ is commonly used in the context of home loan applications. It refers to funds that are not considered to be authentic savings by lenders.
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Regulator targets people's borrowing capacity

Previously, the buffer was a minimum of 2.50 percentage points; now, APRA has told lenders to increase it to 3.00 percentage points.
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Shopping on pay-later scheme can affect your home loan chances.

While both buy-now-pay-later services (BNPL) and credit cards have pros and cons, you might not realise that using them can affect your mortgage borrowing power.
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Understanding your borrowing power

Borrowing the sum of money required for a home loan comes with a number of risks, so it’s essential that you undergo affordability checks to ensure you can confidently manage your repayments.
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Getting to know your credit score

A good credit score is crucial when applying for a home loan, as it directly impacts your chances for approval, as well as the terms you'll receive.
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