No matter the circumstances, we could all benefit from saving a few extra pounds here and there. Not only does this help our money stretch as far as possible, it could make saving each month a little easier. 

Saving money doesn’t have to involve major changes and you don’t need to completely overhaul your lifestyle to start reaping the benefits. As the saying goes, ‘it’s the little things that make the difference’, and they really do, you just need to think outside the box.

We’ve put together a few top tips to help you save money in your household, and ease the financial pressure a little.

vintage style tv sitting on a table

1. Cancel TV subscriptions

It’s entirely possible that you have more TV subscriptions than you’re actually watching, which is only wasted money in your wallet. Consider what you watch and where you watch and see if there are any areas you can cut back on. You can always sign up for a subscription for a short time if there’s a new show you want to watch. Just don’t forget to cancel it again!

woman wearing dark workout clothes walking on sandy path through flowers

2. Freeze gym membership

Did you know you can freeze most gym memberships if you want to take a break for a while, or if you're going on holiday? Some may ask for a small admin fee, but the savings will likely be worth it. If you’re still actively using the membership on a day-to-day basis but won’t need it for a month or two, it's worth enquiring about as it can help your money stretch a bit further.

If you're cancelling your membership to save money, there is still plenty you can do to stay active. YouTube has some great home workouts, and try to make use of things you have around the house rather than splashing out on expensive equipment. 

Take daily walks around your block or in a local park and try to take the stairs as much as possible. You may even be able to find a local group or community that workout together near you.

woman wearing camel coloured coat holding a shopping basket and reaching for vegetables

3. Try supermarkets own brands

While you may particularly enjoy a name brand here and there, they can be more expensive than generic labels. There’s often little difference in quality and flavour and opting for cheaper alternatives in times of financial difficulty can go a long way to both weekly and monthly savings.

inside view of a bus with two people sitting down and yellow bars across the top

4. Ditch the car

Challenge yourself to seek out any opportunity to stretch your legs and get walking. Leave the car at home and walk to the shops instead. Carrying your shopping bags back will definitely get the heart rate up - who needs dumbbells, eh?

woman sitting down wearing a white shirt, jeans, and trainers, reading a fashion magazine

5. Review your subscriptions

Make a list of all the subscriptions you pay out each month. Obviously there will be ones that you have to keep, but put a mark next to the ones that are ‘nice to haves’. Question whether you really need that magazine subscription right now? Do you get a monthly box of craft goodies you could source yourself? Now is definitely the time to have some fun and get creative.

variety of mixed vegetables, including peppers, onions, broccoli, garlic, and avocado

6. Get savvy with food

Food is often one of the most substantial recurring costs for most households. You can definitely save money here by shopping strategically for your groceries, even if it means going to a few different stores. Try meal planning as well and wherever possible, avoid buying goods that you won’t be able to get full use out of before needing to dispose of them. 

For example, frozen fruit and veg (provided there are no additives) are just as nutritious as fresh. While textures can change, if you’re routinely throwing out half used vegetables, opt for frozen for better savings.

Try batch cooking

Cook big batches and freeze portions as you go. This is great if you have veg or meat that needs to be used up, and is also really convenient for those days when you can’t be bothered to cook anything - just go to your freezer and take out a portion for that day. You’ll probably find you spend less on cheeky takeaways.

dirty hands digging in soil and planting seedlings

7. Grow own vegetables and herbs

Although this isn’t a quick win, growing your own vegetables and herbs in your back garden is incredibly satisfying. There’s nothing quite like sitting down to eat a meal that you’ve grown with your own two hands! It’s also nice to get the kids involved, and can be educational too. Experiment with seasonal fruit and veg, and catch some sunshine while you’re at it.

pink piggy bank sitting amongst gold coins

8. Save money on energy bills

It’s easy to stick with the same provider and not realise that there may be cheaper deals out there. Do some research or find a service that could help you find if there are savings to be had by switching your energy providers.

rack of vintage clothes on sale

9. New love for old clothes

Rather than buying new clothes, reignite your love for old clothes that you’ve forgotten about. Dig deep to the back of your wardrobe and experiment with new styles. Get creative, try bright colours, clashing patterns, the lot! No one’s going to judge you in the comfort of your own home and it can feel quite liberating. If you need a new outfit for something, try second hand retailers. You never know, you may find a hidden gem!

person wearing brown jumper typing on laptop sitting at wood desk

10. Shop around for utilities

Ensure you’re reviewing your utility service providers regularly. You can take advantage of comparison websites to assess various quotes and determine if there’s the potential to pay less for essential household expenses, such as gas, electricity, or internet. 

Remember, even modest savings monthly can accumulate over a year and make a difference. Switching to more affordable options and being savvy with your savings can help ease financial stress.

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